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Sling Puck Tabletop Game® with High-Speed Action

Sling Puck Tabletop Game® with High-Speed Action

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The Fast Sling Puck Game is the perfect gift for family, friends, and children. 

Enhances Cognitive Skills

Help's children improve hand-eye coordination, strengthen fine motor skill, extend   focus and encourages fun family interaction reducing cell phone activity. 

High-quality solid wood frame and play pieces. Durable and environmentally friendly.

Lightweight and compact enough to carry, suitable for adults and children over 6 years old.

Interactive quality game time with friends and family

Immerse yourself in quality interactive game time with friends and family, forging unforgettable connections and laughter. Whether it's sharing strategic moves or enjoying lively competition, the experience promises lasting memories and strengthens the bonds between loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any rules for Sling Puck?

Rules may vary, but common ones include not lifting the board, only using one hand to shoot, and ensuring that pucks fully cross the center line. It's essential to agree on rules before starting the game.

Can you play Sling Puck with more than two players?

While the traditional setup is for two players, variations can be created for more players by forming teams or having a rotation system. Each player or team takes turns playing against the others.

How do you score in Sling Puck?

Players score points by successfully propelling pucks into their opponent's goal. The player who clears all the pucks on their side first or has the fewest remaining pucks when time runs out wins the round.

What is the setup for Sling Puck?

The game typically consists of a wooden board with a series of small slots or holes and a central barrier. Pucks are placed in the middle, and players use the elastic bands to launch the pucks.