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Young Learner's Reusable Copybook®

Young Learner's Reusable Copybook®

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Looking for fun ways to improve your childs handwriting , math, motor skills and overall learning capabilities?

Witness remarkable advancements in math, handwriting, motor skills, drawing, and visual abilities within a few weeks, offering an effective solution to the challenge of skill enhancement for your child.

Reusable books with disappearing ink

The exceptional reusability of the Magic Writing Pen is a key feature that sets these books apart.

A template design featuring three-dimensional grooves.Image with text

The Young Learner's Reusable Copybook has three-dimensional groove design tailored for the ease of young learners in acquiring writing skills 

Correct Method of Holding Pen

Each book has a detailed description of how to hold the pen, and a silicone handwriting aid is provided to facilitate children to master the method of holding pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Young Learner Copybook?

A Young Learner Copybook is a specially designed reusable writing practice book for children. It provides an interactive and engaging platform for children to practice and improve their writing skills in a fun and magical way.

How does the Young Learner Copybook work?

Young Learner Copybook uses a unique approach to make writing practice enjoyable for children. It typically features special pages that respond to the writing tool, allowing children to trace or write over patterns, letters, and numbers. The magic happens as the writing disappears over time, creating a reusable surface for continuous practice.

What materials are used in the Magic Practice Copybook?

The Young Learner Copybook is often made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials to ensure durability and safety for children. The writing surface may be a special coating that responds to the writing tool. Additionally, the book may include a variety of colorful and engaging illustrations to capture the child's interest.

Can the Young Learner Copybook be used with any writing tool?

  • The Young Learner Copybook is designed to work with the included writing tool, which is a special pen or marker.