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An elegant calendar featuring illuminated 3D paper sculptures 

A one-of-a-kind calendar that converts into a 3D sculpture, illustrating your year through daily notes and moods.


Colorful desk sculpture made from laser-perforated pages of paper.

Endless surprises and enjoyment await. When the year concludes, a captivating model will be revealed, transporting you to a magical realm of wonder and efficiency


Featuring tear-off paper , this notepad allows you to jot down notes freely. Ideal for long-term desk or bookshelf display as a stylish accent. With 3D notepads in distinctive shapes and unique paper notes, it effortlessly captures attention and serves as a handy tool for recording and reminding you of important tasks and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the 3D images on each page suitable for all ages?

Yes, the 3D art designs are carefully curated to be family-friendly and suitable for all age groups.

What is unique about the 3D Art Memo Pad ?

The 3D Memo Pad combines functionality with artistic flair. Each page features a visually stunning 3D art design, making it both a practical tool and a decorative piece.

Is the memo pad made from eco-friendly materials?

Yes, we prioritize sustainability. The 3D Art Calendar Memo Pad is crafted from environmentally friendly materials to align with our commitment to eco-conscious products.

Can I tear off individual pages from the memo pad?

Absolutely! Each page is perforated for easy tearing, allowing you to conveniently remove and organize your notes.